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Meeting Notes

Download notes from recent community meetings.

Comments from February 12th Public Meeting

Jackson Heights Merchants Association walkthrough, August 2009

As a follow-up to the Community Walkthroughs and the Community Workshop, a merchants’ community walkthrough was conducted with the Jackson Heights Merchants’ Association on August 24, 2009.  Mr. V. M. Gandhi toured several local businesses with the project team. The … Continue reading

Community walkthroughs summary, June 2009

Community walkthroughs were held over the course of June 23 – 26, 2009.  Each of the tours began at the corner of 37th Avenue and Broadway, with the exception of the tour for Elmhurst Hospital which was limited to the … Continue reading


Site photos

Photos taken on site, November 2008.

Raw datasets

Download data used in the issues map for analysis and mapping on your desktop. Open KML files in Google Earth or another mapping software. Open comma-separated TXT files in Excel or another spreadsheet tool.

Greenway route map data

Download the Greenway route as a KML file. You can cpen KML files in Google Earth or another mapping program.

Obstructions on the sidewalk and roadway

DOT surveyed obstructions on the sidewalk and in the roadway on weekdays and weekends in Fall 2009. The KML file shows all observed obstructions, classified by type. The TXT file contains the same data. The file contains the following data fields: CVD Commercial … Continue reading

Street vendors data

DOT surveyed the locations of street vendors on weekdays and weekends in Fall 2009. The KML file shows all observed locations.

Parking survey data

DOT surveyed parking on weekdays and weekends in Fall 2009. The KML file shows the overall occupancy of parking spaces on each block, on a typical weekday and weekend. The KML file contains the following data fields: WDOCC Average weekday … Continue reading

Pedestrian volumes data

Pedestrians were counted during weekdays and weekends in Fall 2009, at sidewalk, corner, crosswalk and midblock locations. The KML file includes the following data fields: Weekday_To Weekday average Weekend_To Weekend average Data were collected on the following days and times: … Continue reading


Read background reports from the study team.

Community Travel Survey

Where do people come from to visit Jackson Heights? And why are they visiting? DOT surveyed pedestrians and drivers to find out. View the results.


Jackson Heights Street Classification Workbook, April 2010

Download the Jackson Heights Street Classification Workbook used at community meetings.