Jackson Heights Merchants Association walkthrough, August 2009

As a follow-up to the Community Walkthroughs and the Community Workshop, a merchants’ community walkthrough was conducted with the Jackson Heights Merchants’ Association on August 24, 2009.  Mr. V. M. Gandhi toured several local businesses with the project team.

The project team visited the following businesses and spoke with their owners/managers:

  • Sahil Sari Shop
  • Jackson Diner
  • CitiBank
  • Punjab Barber
  • Patel Brother’s Grocery Store

Following a summary by merchant of the issues and concerns that were raised during the tour:

Sahil Sari Shop

  • Arrive by train and car (no buses)
  • Come from all over due to specialty shop (wedding dresses)


  • Make Loading Zone sign more visible (in front of Patel Brothers)
  • Reroute buses to 75th Street

Jackson Diner

  • Weekday usually local people except in summer
  • Weekend – people from all over come by car


  • Most before noon
  • Monday – Friday; rarely on weekends
  • Use Patel Loading zone; if busy trucks wait at corner in No Standing Zone


  • Free Parking on Sunday – Merchants park all day; residents park on Saturday night until Monday morning; business down 10% on Sundays since instituted
  • Valuable parking lost to bus layover area on 37th Road
  • Valuable parking lost to furniture vendor on 37th Road
  • Food carts park at meters all day (both actual cart and cart owner vehicle)


  • Come from all over due to language issues at other locations


  • Staff has hard time parking on side streets
  • People use side streets as park & ride for the subway
  • Buses create congestion

Punjab Barber Shop (37th Road)

  • Meters replaced by bus layover as temporary but never put back
  • Furniture trucks take up parking spaces
  • Broken curb from buses

Patel Brothers

  • Weekday are usually local (Queens) and take the subway
  • Weekend come from LI, NJ & Westchester particularly after 4 PM
  • 40% by train; 60% by car (20+ miles)


  • Between 9 AM and 5 PM
  • Monday – Saturday
  • Approx 7 trucks per day


  • Remove Bus Route from street; honks horn at double parked cars

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