Community walkthroughs summary, June 2009

Community walkthroughs were held over the course of June 23 – 26, 2009.  Each of the tours began at the corner of 37th Avenue and Broadway, with the exception of the tour for Elmhurst Hospital which was limited to the hospital area.

Following a summary by geographic location of the issues and concerns that were raised during these tours:

Victor Moore Bus Arcade/74th Street – Roosevelt Avenue MTA Hub
Cars cut through the bus terminal
Request signage saying Buses Only
Livery cabs park directly in front of bus driveways; buses cannot exit arcade. Buses leave arcade every 7 minutes during peak and 20 minutes during off-peak
Buses making right turn onto Broadway have issued with turning radius and must wait for vehicle at stoplight on SE Broadway Street to clear.
Request that stop bar be moved back with ‘Stop here on Red’ sign
Livery cabs making left turn onto 74th Street from Broadway block entire street (they all leave when cops come)
Request no left turn onto 74th Street
Double parked trucks in front of liquor store every morning on Broadway may cause collisions with buses.
Vehicle ignore ‘No Right turn Except Buses’ sign (Which intersections is this?)
Buses need a place to layover during the 8-10AM time period
Request no parking signs on 37th Road for this time period (currently  metered spots)
Better pedestrian access to the station.
Often people cross midblock because subway entrances do not align with crosswalks.
Midblock crossing to the Roosevelt Avenue subway entrance poses a safety concern.

73rd Street
Congestion due to
Buses accessing VM Arcade
Livery cars b/c 73rd is the only southbound street
Delivery trucks double park
Vendors at the curbside and on the sidewalk
b.    Loading zones removed from corner of 73rd/37th
i.    Request loading zones on each corner
c.    Bus stop removed and meters put in on SW corner of 73rd/37th.
i.    Request meters be removed and loading zone put in
d.    Request no left turns from 37th onto 73rd
e.    73rd at Broadway/Roosevelt changed direction forcing a left turn into a busy intersection
f.    Intersection with 37th – the worst
g.    Signal timings not coordinated
h.    Why is it not a thru street?
j.    Request no left turn from 37th to southbound 73rd (move up next to d.)
k.    Loading zone removed from Duane Reade
m.    Has six 24 hour businesses
n.    Request to explore the possibility of moving buses to 75th

74th Street
a.    Double parked cars
b.    Meter abuse
i.     Request Muni Meters
c.    Request commuter bike racks on Broadway/74th
d.    Patel Brothers is only store with loading zone.  They self enforce it.
Most deliveries occur between 5AM and 9AM
Halal Deliveries occur between 5PM and 7 PM
e.    Request additional loading zones along 74rd
f.    Weekend Pedestrian Mall might work well on this street however, it may require a jitney between 73rd and areas where shoppers can park.

75th Street
Explore possibility of bus operation but do not remove median

37th Avenue
a. Request benches installed, facing merchants
b. Request bike lanes
c. Request curb extensions/bus bulbs/brick cross walks at 82nd, 73rd, 74th and 75th
d. Open to trial period of one-way couplet with 35th Avenue

Brooklyn – Queens Expressway
a. At 37h Avenue, difficult to cross, People walk in turning lane even though sidewalk is fenced off
i.    Request more visible cross walks
ii.    Work with NYSDOT on traffic signal and intersection design issues

82nd Street
Request better lighting
Congestion due to double parking

Roosevelt Avenue
a. Peds cross midblock b/c subway entrance/exit is midblock
i.      Request midblock crosswalk
ii.     Request crosswalk at 74th & Roosevelt
b.    Signals not coordinated

Elmhurst Hospital
No drop off area on Broadway for ambulettes.
Request removal of at least 2 spots and ramp installation.  (Currently working with QBCO)
Truck Deliveries every morning, especially Monday and Tuesdays, block 41st Avenue
Request removal of parking along 41st Avenue at 78th Street
No one pays attention to stop signs at 41st Avenue/78th Street
Request stop bars/cross walks
Do not want proposed newsstand in on 41st Avenue near hospital.  Hospital uses sidewalk for events
Daycare center will open in September on 41st (just south of 77th); 33 children

EMS/Emergency Routes

a.    Broadway

i.     Signal timing between BQE and 76th Street causes ambulance to cross yellow lines
ii.     At Whitney – request no left turn
b.     82nd
i.      Between 37th Avenue and 41st Avenue – congestion and signal timing is off
c.     Roosevelt
i.       Congestion
e.     43rd Avenue
i.      Bottleneck
d.    37th Avenue
i.      Congestion issues between 73rd and 77th
e.    If malls are installed use reflective tape.

General Parking Issues
a.    Why do meters go until 10PM and not 7 PM like everywhere else?
b.    Request 2 hour meters near restaurants (instead of current 1 hour)
c.    Request Muni-meters to help parking management


  1. Jo Foster:

    Searching for “benches” or “seating” or “bus stops” I find no mention of the need for somewhere to sit while waiting for the bus. Not all elderly or disabled or weak or frail or sometimes exhausted individuals want to resort to wheelchairs before it becomes absolutely necessary. Why is there NOWHERE to sit along 35th Avenue, or at the bus terminal in the station? Please help me to travel with less pain and discomfort. Am I the only person for whom this is a problem?
    (Please don’t use the tired old argument about seats being used by “the wrong people”, which seems not to apply to 82nd Street, Northern Boulevard, or Manhattan.)

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