Recommendations: New public space

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    Proposed changes to 37th Road and 73rd Street

    In order to simplify this intersection and improve safety, this proposal would close two legs of the intersection to traffic. This proposal also addresses community requests for additional public space in the center of the Jackson Heights commercial district.

    Types of changes: Pedestrian safety | Public space
    Location: Broadway and Roosevelt

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    Proposed relocation of crosswalk, Broadway at 73rd Street

    Relocation of this crosswalk will improve pedestrian safety, by moving the crosswalk out of the way of turning vehicles. This crosswalk configuration would also better link the two proposed public spaces.

    Types of changes: Pedestrian safety | Public space
    Location: Broadway and Roosevelt


  1. Sarah Miller:

    This is a FANTASTIC idea. I can’t wait to see this happen!

  2. Martha Connor:

    This is a truly AMAZING plan! I live right near here and I would LOVE to see this happen! This intersection (73rd and Bway) is a total disaster. Having some relief from the congestion PLUS added pedestrian space in this super high foot traffic area (right by the subway station) would be unbelievable. Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Marc Hurlbert:

    The proposed public spaces are an excellent idea. The intersection at 73rd, Broadway and Roosevelt and 37th Road is a very complicated intersection for vehicles and pedestrians. Bravo to the city for coming up with creative solutions.

  4. Carlos Martinez:


  5. Armando:

    This new public space is a real joke. I drive by it it on 73rd St. and see a street (37rd road) closed off for no good reason. You could just limit cars making turns from Broadway. Also the other day I needed to drive south of broadway and now I would have to take 75th St. I just made a left onto Broadway. Thanks for making my life more difficult.

  6. Rodrigo:

    This would work only if we have more law enforcement in the area
    So far we see homeless and drunk people on this pedestrian area, Also lots of garbage,
    cars still trying to go to the left on Broadway. And the local merchants on 37th road are dumping the garbage on 73rd st

  7. Laura:

    I encourage the DOT to come take a look at the new pedestrian area on 37th Road. Be sure to come during rush hour and on weekends. Where exactly are the throngs of pedestrians? You created havoc in the surrounding areas for THIS?! Are you kidding?!

  8. JO:

    this is the best place to eat in the city. let’s make a place to convene, ex: tables, benches, etc. I need a place to eat my lunch here. It’s also busy at night, it’d be a great place to hang out then because there aren’t any residents living there.

  9. Willa:

    Hello, JO. Seating and tables will be coming within the next two weeks. Thanks to all of Jackson Heights for your patience while we continue to implement.

  10. Edmund:

    I have been hearing alot of outrage from business owners on 37th Road, saying that DOT never informed them, and they feel that they will los their businesses because of the loss of pedestrian traffic, as well as no place for deliveries to be made. Additionally they state the subway entrance has been rendered useless, and they fear its closure.

  11. Vincent:

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It just shows that bunch of idiots at DOT have to prove their existance and keep screwing with people’s lives. They don’t even live here. Pedestrian plaza’s ? Why won’t you put them under the train on Roosevelt Ave. Please go back to Manhattan and messing their lives.

  12. Arthur:

    Edmund, I’m totally confused. Why would businesses lose pedestrian traffic because 37th Road was made pedestrian only? I can only imagine it will increase pedestrians. And why would not allowing cars on that section of 37th Road render the subway entrance useless? Neither of these arguments make any sense to me.

    The argument about no being able to get deliveries does of course make perfect sense, and I can understand why they’d be upset about that.

  13. Armando:

    The seating and tables will be a welcome sight to all the residents north of Roosevelt ave. All of the day laborers that receive free food every night from Jorge Munoz will have a place to sit and eat. The city can then clean up the mess created or put large garbage bins in the public plaza. This will create the largest public plaza food kitchen in NYC.

  14. Greg:

    I saw the plaza for the first this morning… I’m REALLY excited! Jackson Heights needs more outdoor public spaces and this is a wonderful start. I can’t wait to see the trees and such and to get some good use out of it this season before it gets too cold!

  15. E Louise:

    I am waiting for the second phase of the plaza. Can it be more friendly and appealing than now?
    I know the tables are temporary but they feel like a cheap fast food place in the mid-west. The
    plants will help and anything aesthetic that a designer feels blends in the neighborhood. Maybe
    a sculpture or clock or ? but overall LOVE the change in the traffic patterns. It’s much safer to
    enter the subway on 74th as we do. Thanks for the efforts!

  16. Armando:

    OMG! Today I walked past the part of the plaza next to Roosevelt Ave. And heard what seemed like one thousand birds pooping and making noise right over the plaza. How can tables be ever be put there if you have bird feces all over the place, not to mention the noise of the train. Then I walked over to 37th road and saw garbage all over the tables, street, sidewalk etc… Please just put back a street were cars can park on both sides. This plaza is just an dirty eyesore.

  17. Phil:

    I think the plaza is a great idea. It is a nice entrance way to our community can could be a very nice public space if it is managed properly. Perhaps the community can work together to organize cleaning and even producing events there so the businesses can get more foot traffic etc.

  18. Derek:

    While the plaza needs more “beautification” perhaps, residents are grateful for the DOT intervention on traffic patterns on 73rd street and in the neighborhood. Reduced noise and traffic congestion was the priority and it was addressed. THANK YOU!

  19. Rafael:

    The new pedestrian plaza is a unque and welcomed addition to residents of Jackson Heights. Let’s hope litter, both by people and pigeon alike, is kept to a mimimum. This commercial area of Jackson Heights, 73rd Street, 74th Street, 37th Rd., includung the new the pedestrian plaza, I’ve noticed to be more dirtier than the main commercial strip of 37th Avenue. Despite the efforts of some guys in blue I see sweeping these areas, the Department of Sanitation codes should be fully enforced by the City for merchants and individuals alike. Is this too much to ask for a CLEANER Jackson Heights? I hope not.

  20. ngray:

    Thank you, Greg.

  21. ngray:

    Thank you for your comment, Phil. We continuously work with elected officials, merchants and other members of the community to maintain the plaza and its amenities. We welcome any suggestions about programming or events in this space.

  22. Elaina:

    THANK YOU for rerouting the 47 and 29 !! MUCH appreciated !! Please have more people ,work on the congestion, the garbage , and THE HOMELESS/ drunkards who have busines owners who enable them . Like the guy with the nervous tic and longfinger nalis who lives at the entrance to the trains on 37th ROAD.
    WHAT do we DO????? what can you do ????

    WHO DO I talk to about the vendors who take up side walk space on 73rd btwen 37th and 37th rd???? and the dangerous conditions with construction projects ????

    SOME ONE HELP?!!!!

  23. Margaret:

    The 37th Rd Pedestrian Plaza does not have enough trash cans, and does not receive enough litter pick up, and is usually undesirably filled with trash. Why was maintenance not included in the plan from the beginning? Is it possible to re-designate the empty part of the 73rd street side as a taxi drop off zone? Traffic becomes congested on 73rd, because many cars are dropping passengers off for the subway in the morning, and now that all vehicles are forced right, there is more slow down of traffic to make the drop off. In general, vehicle traffic patterns in the area have become frustratingly circular, with many one way streets that change direction or don’t run through.

  24. Marie:

    The various traffic changes and bus re-routing are working out well, and the horrible congestion has eased somewhat. The right-turn only at 73rd and 37th Road is working well because passengers for the subway entrance can be dropped right at the corner and flow on, instead of making that left and creating back-up congestion. And I absolutely LOVE the pedestrian plaza on 37th Road! I actually was a bit concerned about this part before-hand, but I must say it’s much better than I imagined! I can’t wait to see it when its spiffed up for the warmer months. What a necessary and refreshingly beneficial change for the community. Thank you DOT!

  25. ngray:

    Thank you, Marie

  26. Bo:

    I am a local resident and i along with some friends go to this spot every thursday and volunteer to clean it. We do it for our apt/homes why not for “our city” and community?
    STOP being a “couch-coach” and enter into the game.
    Email me if you want to make a difference

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