74th and 75th Streets

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    Proposed transit and bicycle access to Victor Moore Arcade

    Community members have requested that 74th and 75th Streets become primary access routes for transit and bicycles to the Victor Moore Arcade. Local access traffic would still be permitted. Buses currently running along 73rd Street would be re-routed to travel on 75th Street, between 35th and Roosevelt Avenues, a more direct connection to Victor Moore Arcade. This would require changes 75th Street between 30th and 37th Avenues to run northbound instead of southbound.

    Types of changes: Bus and driver mobility | Safe routes to transit | Bicycle safety and mobility
    Location: 74th and 75th Streets

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Goals of these proposals:

  • Ease congestion
  • Improve north-south connections
  • Reduce bus delays
  • Reduce double and illegal parking
  • Improve intersection layout

The proposed changes:

  • Reverse travel direction
  • Improve intersection layout
  • Optimize traffic signals
  • Install Class III bike lanes
  • Introduce curbside parking management

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