69th Street

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    Current Conditions

    Today, parking on 69th Street near the BQE is a mixture of 90 degree parking and parallel parking. 69th Street has sufficient width to allow for changes to parking conditions.

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    Proposed closure of small segment of 35th Road

    Currently, there are are two ways to access 69th Street from 35th Road (by going straight or bearing right). This proposal closes the short street segment adjacent to the current triangle. This would create a larger public space providing opportunities for plantings or public art, without affecting vehicle mobility.

    Public space
    Location: 69th Street

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    Proposed parking treatments

    This proposal shows the conversion of the parallel parking into angled parking on 69th Street between 34th and 37th Avenues, which yields 26 additional parking spaces.

    Types of changes: Parking
    Location: 69th Street

Goals of these changes:

  • Increase the number of metered parking spots
  • Reduce double and illegal parking
  • Expand Public Space


  • Introduce 90 degree back-in parking
  • Add parking space
  • Introduce curbside parking management
  • Close 36’ of roadway

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  1. Armando:

    Nobody wants to pay for parking on a residential street. Give the residents of the area a break instead of turning into a de facto parking lot. Those parking enforcement people are having a party thinking of all the tickets they will write.

  2. Marie:

    Everyone agrees JH needs parking for residents and visitors and 69th Srteet seems like a wasted resource so maybe this will help. Since there’s a pdog park around there too maybe with all these new things the area will be less desolate

  3. Carlos Martinez:

    The public space expansion is not enough for this area and I hope DOT could find more options, including connectivity to other nearby public spaces.

  4. Willa, NYCDOT:

    Great news, we found ways to add MORE parking to 69th Street in Jackson Heights. During a field visit, NYCDOT engineering staff examined the feasibility of turning parallel parking into angled parking between 35th Avenue and 34th Avenue (previously, we had only concentrated between 37th and 35th). In total, we are adding 26 parking spaces along 69th Street!

  5. Nicholas LaFleur:

    Regarding the change of traffic direction on 75th Street from north to south:
    This has caused a marked increase in traffic on 77th Street between 37th and 35th Avenues, in my estimation about double. This occurred exactly at the moment when 75th Street changed directions. This has resulted in frequent and repeated horn-honking from impatient motorists during green lights because they want all the cares ahead of them to move faster so they too can catch the light. Why cant the city put up ‘NO HONKING’ signs, and why cant they add a little time to the green light in this case to alleviate the problem. I have often seen cars on 77th Street backed up all the way from 35th Ave to 37th Ave. This issue is eroding the quality of life for those that live on 77th Street and near by.

  6. Nicholas LaFleur:

    opps! CARS, not cares in the 5th line!

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