82nd Street

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    Current Conditions

    Currently, the roadway on 82nd Street between 37th Avenue and 41st Avenue is wide enough for two lanes, but rarely operates as such, due to double parking and other activities.

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    Proposed dedicated curbside space for commercial vehicles

    Community members and DOT staff have observed double parking by commercial vehicles at this site, which leads to safety and congestion issues. Dedicated curbside space for commercial vehicles would alleviate the need for double parking. Locations were chosen based on extensive interviews with merchants and trucking companies. These commercial spaces are part of an overall parking management strategy.

    Types of changes: Parking | Pedestrian safety
    Location: 82nd Street

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What are the goals of the changes?

  • Reduce double and illegal parking
  • Ease congestion
  • Improve north-south connections from 34th Avenue to 41st Avenue
  • Improve bicycle access to and beyond the subway stop

What is proposed?

  • Introduce curbside parking management
  • Adjust signal control at 37th Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue
  • Add bike lane


  1. Edmund Rosenbaum:

    I find adding a bike lane on 82nd Street to be hazardous, there is just too much traffic there, and I have never seen anyone who has dared to ride there. I also disagree about the width of the street, curb extensions currently prevent a problem if there were to be two lanes of traffic, this is just not possible.

  2. Armando:

    Edmund is right. Nobody wants to bike on a busy street. Get rid of the idea of bike lanes on 82nd and 74th street. Put them on 75th street and 80th street.

  3. Robert Anic:

    I attended the DOT meeting on 02/2 and made two suggestions that I don’t see were addresses or listed here:

    1. Remove parking regulation signs along West side of 82nd Street, between Northern Blvd and 37th Avenue. Currently the signs read “No Parking 8am-6pm, Except Sunday” They don’t seem to serve any purpose. We need these parking spaces!

    2. There is terrible congestions and double parking along 82nd Street in the mornings, in front of St. Joan of Arc School and PS 69. This is caused by parents dropping their chi ding off ithe morning. The bus routes (Q32, Q33) suffer from this congestion during the noting rush. Both schools have entrances along 83rd Street. Is there any way you can open discussions with the schools to have their unloading relocated to 83rd Street?

    PS: bicycle designated lanes are safer for both vehicle drivers and cyclists, period. If there is enough width to comfortably accommodate one, there should always be a bike lane. They just make sense.

  4. Willa, NYCDOT:

    Robert, I apologize that we did not record your comments. Can I ask a clarifying question about 82nd Street? PS 69 is not near 82nd Street or 83rd Street. Did you mean another school? Regardless, we’ll be out in Jackson Heights this week to check this out, and do some homework into why those “No Parking” regulations were installed. Thanks!

  5. Santi:

    Re: Robert Ancic

    The signs along 82nd Street were probably put there to allow the buses to travel freely down the street. Perhaps change the time to reflect actual peak travel time say 7:00AM to 10:00AM.
    The St Joan of Arc situation needs to be addressed. There is no reason it should take up to 20 minutes for the bus to travel the 3 blocks from Northern Blvd. to Roosevelt Ave in the morning, not to mention tying up traffic on 35th Ave. as well.

    Bike lanes and buses are a bad mix.

    Can something be done to not have trash pick-up during rush hour? That on top of the school problem is particularly frustrating.

  6. Robert Anic:

    Re: Santi

    I figured the signs along 82nd street had something to do with the buses; however, they are completely unnecessary. The issue is parking, and limiting the hours from 7-10am will only force the parked vehicles to move from the spots an hour earlier. The buses will never have a clear lane along the West side of 82nd Street in the AM because people with HC placards never leave there spots anyhow. I count about 6 of these cars in the afternoon on each block of 82nd street, between Northern Blvd and 37th Ave. Furthermore, by the time the peak of bus traffic has passed – around 8-8:30am – the cars along the street have since moved. I can’t be more objective to these signs, they are stripping much needed parking spaces from the residents.

    NYCDOT: my fault, the school on 82nd Street, btwn 34th and 35th Ave, is PS212. The other school is St. Joan of Arc.

  7. Edmund:

    I remember a community member mentioning that they hated when the curb extensions were added to 82nd Street, some 10 or 15 years ago. After doing some research, this person was quite wrong on the time frame. I found a photo, circa 1950, and the curb extensions are there. This furthers my argument, and that of Transportation Alternatives, there is no space for a bike lane from 37th Avenue to Roosevelt Avenue.

  8. Willa, NYCDOT:

    Thanks for the comments! We’re making revisions to the plans for 82nd Street and we should be able to show you the proposed changes in April or May.

  9. Carlos Martinez:

    I celebrate the fact of the inclusion of more bike lanes but please consider safety first.

  10. Willa, NYCDOT:

    Thanks for all your comments. After careful consideration, we are not planning to implement bicycle lanes on 81st/82nd Streets at this time.

  11. Robert Anic:

    NYCDOT: what came of the parking along the west side of 82nd Street and the school bus problem along the same street?

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