Victor Moore Arcade

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    Current Conditions

    Currently, Roosevelt Avenue by the Transit Hub / Victor Moore Arcade (between 74th and 75th Street) poses safety concerns because of pedestrians crossing mid-block, bus and livery vehicle activity and darker conditions underneath the elevated structure.

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    Proposed crosswalk widening

    Wider crosswalks would better accommodate the large volume of commuters accessing the Transit Hub and Victor Moore Arcade. The proposal calls for widening the crosswalks from 12 feet to 40 feet - more than triple their current width. This improvement would also encourage pedestrians to use the crosswalk instead of crossing mid-block.

    Types of changes: Pedestrian safety | Safe routes to transit
    Location: Roosevelt Avenue

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    Proposed bus stop shift and installation of shelters

    To accommodate the proposed wider crosswalks, bus stops on Roosevelt Avenue would be shifted towards the middle of the block. New shelters would help discourage pedestrians crossing busy Roosevelt Avenue mid-block.

    Types of changes: Pedestrian safety | Safe routes to transit
    Location: Roosevelt Avenue

What are the goals of the changes?

  • Ease pedestrian congestion
  • Improve pedestrian safety
  • Reduce sidewalk obstructions
  • Improve wayfinding

What is proposed?

  • Widen crosswalk
  • Move bus stops further midblock
  • Add bus stop shelters
  • Adjust signal control
  • Install pedestrian countdown clocks
  • Install new bike racks
  • Add wayfinding signs

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  1. Marie:

    The widened crosswalks seem great and like they will help a lot, but is it possible to widen the one on the east side of 75th as well? Maybe it wouldn’t be necessary if the others are wider but it’s very croded at those corners (eastern) too

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