Adjustments Made to Signals at 77th Street and 35th Avenue; Broadway/Roosevelt/73rd Street

Although the formal, large-scale monitoring program will not kick off for a few months, initial monitoring has led to adjustments.  Specifically, the green time at 77th Street approaching 35th Avenue has been lengthened.  In addition, signals have been better coordinated at Broadway/Roosevelt and Broadway/73rd Street to alleviate congestion.  Next up is detailed monitoring of 75th Street and 35th Avenue.

Please do keep providing feedback on how the improvements are doing.  Thank you very much for being our eyes on the street.


Implementation Continues, Monitoring Begins This Week

Initial monitoring of the changes in Jackson Heights will begin this week.

Based on comments, we will start with 73rd Street/Broadway, 77th Street and 35th Avenue, 75th Street, and the new crosswalks on Roosevelt Avenue.  A comprehensive technical data collection and monitoring program will be undertaken in the next few months.

Painting on the 37th Road and 73rd Street Plazas is planned for this week, as well.  Thank you for your patience as we continue with implementation and begin monitoring.



Slight Delays in Implementation This Week

As you may have noticed, implementation has started on Broadway, Roosevelt and 73rd Streets this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Though projected to conclude on September 20th, weather and other emergencies have caused a slight delay in our schedule.

Please be patient with the orange barrels and temporary signs as we work to complete these improvements. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.


Implementation Continues Next Week….

Starting on Monday, September 19th (and lasting throughout the week), the majority of improvements from the Jackson Heights Study will be installed.  The following schedule is tentative and may change depending on weather or emergency situations (check back here often for updates!):

September 19-20: Broadway between 72nd and 76th (turning lanes, turning bans, refurbishment of markings), intersection changes along 37th Avenue (turning lanes)

September 20-21: Closure of 37th Road between 73rd and 74th Street, Closure of 73rd Street between Broadway and Roosevelt, signal upgrades at Broadway/Roosevelt/73rd Street

September 21-22: Roosevelt Avenue between 73rd Street and 82nd Street, crosswalks, refurbishment of markings, signal upgrade

September 22-23: 69th Street between 34th and 35th Avenues, conversion to angled parking and changes to parking regulations

For more details on the exact changes, please click on “Recommendations” in the menu bar to the left to view the plans.

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Q47 and Q49 Changing Route This Sunday, September 4th

This Sunday, September 4th, the Q47 and Q49 will be changing their routes through the most congested part of Jackson Heights.  Both bus routes will use 75th Street between 35th Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue to access the transit hub.  We expect this change to improve bus reliability and be more convenient for passengers transferring to the subway.