About This Study


Jackson Heights, Queens is a diverse and vibrant neighborhood in Northern Queens, containing historic areas and residential streets as well as the Jackson Heights Shopping District. The Shopping District serves as a local and regional retail and dining destination with a considerable amount of vehicular and pedestrian activity. Local residents and merchants have asked DOT to explore changes that can help create safer, less congested streets and better transit access for this vibrant community.

Building on previous work performed by the NYCDOT and the community, this study is envisioned as Phase 1 of a two phase study to comprehensively address transportation issues in Jackson Heights. Phase 1 will focus on short-term improvements, e.g. changes to curbside regulations, traffic signals and temporary markings, while Phase 2 will focus on longer-term improvements which would require intensive analysis, capital commitment or major coordination with agencies other than NYCDOT. Phase 1 of the study is paid for by City and Federal funds, secured in part by Congressman Joseph Crowley.

Study Area

The study area for the Jackson Heights Neighborhood Transportation Study is bounded by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) to the West, Junction Boulevard to the East, 41st Avenue to the South and 35th Avenue to the North. However, for Phase 1, an emphasis area was selected to focus efforts on an area where there is a high level of interaction between commercial, residential and retail activity. The limits of the emphasis area are the BQE to the West, 82nd Street to the East, 35th Avenue to the North and 41st Avenue to the South (see the study area on the interactive map).

Goals and Objectives

The overall study goals for both phases of the Jackson Heights Neighborhood Transportation Study are:

  • Improve pedestrian and vehicular safety
  • Improve economic vitality through transportation improvements
  • Improve quality-of-life by minimizing air pollution
  • Identify, and prioritize, types of users for streets and public spaces
  • Encourage use of efficient and sustainable modes of transportation
  • Encourage efficient use of on-street parking

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