37th Road Reversal

In February, we presented our plan to reverse 37th Road between 74th and 75th Streets to Community Board 3 and the board approved the change. The reversal is scheduled for this Thursday, April 5th, weather permitting. Following the conversion, the street will run one-way westbound.

Reversing the street’s direction involves:

  • Creating 14 new on-street metered parking spaces
  • Replacing the Class I striped bike lane with a shared bicycle lane
  • Relocating the bus layover space one block east




  1. Todd Goldman:

    The reversal of 37th Road has improved conditions for pedestrians. I often walk down 75th Street to reach the subway station. Before the change, many cars traveling east on 37th Road would roll through the stop sign without stopping to cross 75th Street because they couldn’t see oncoming traffic from behind the stop line. This created a dangerous situation for pedestrians. Now that traffic on 37th Road is directed away from 75th Street, this problem has been eliminated. The intersection at 74th Street, where all 37th Road traffic now must turn right, doesn’t pose the same danger.

    With the improved clockwise circulation pattern and additional parking, this change should go a long way to addressing the merchants’ concerns. Thank you for your responsiveness to the community.

  2. ngray:

    Thank you, Todd

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