Reversing 37th Road between 74th and 75th Streets

Last night, we presented Community Board 3 with a plan to reverse the direction of 37th Road between 74th Street and 75th Street from one-way eastbound to one-way westbound. The Community Board approved this change. Please click here for a copy of our presentation.

Reversing the street’s direction involves:

  • Creating 14 new on-street metered parking spaces
  • Replacing the Class I striped bike lane with a shared bicycle lane
  • Relocating the bus layover space one block east

This change will address a number of issues that the community and merchants have raised with us. They were concerned about a lack of parking and we will be able to provide parking on both sides of the street.  They were concerned about access to 74th Street and reversing the direction will improve traffic circulation and access to the shopping district. Finally, a bus layover space is more appropriate on 37th Road between 75th Street and 76th Street because this block does not have any businesses.



  1. Rick O'Shea:

    Forgive me if I’m misreading the above statement but…. You state that there will be an increase in parking spaces by “relocating” the bus layover one block east. Doesn’t that only change the location of the no parking area from between 74 St & 75 St to the area between 75 St & 76 St. It seems to me there will be the same number of available parking spaces, only they will be located on a different block. In addition, nobody has addressed the issue of the bike lane that continues along Broadway just south of Roosevelt Ave and is directly under parked vehicles, at metered spaces. This does not seem to be proper placement in my opinion. I did, however, notice that you will now be routing 37 Rd in the same direction for motorists and bicycles, how did that ever make it out of the planning stages?

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