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  1. Lora Tenenbaum:

    Your Study Area includes parts of SoHo and Little Italy despite the name of this study. You not only have failed to reach out to the SoHo and Little Italy communities, but our emails to your contact people have remained unanswered. We are very concerned here about the intercity busses that have been standing illegally on our curbsides and about the horrendous traffic jams and honking on Kenmare, Lafayette and the Broome due to Holland Tunnel Traffic. It is shameful that part of the impacted population is being cut out, being denied our voice and participation in any decision-making.


    • Jennifer, NYCDOT:

      Ms. Tenenbaum, thank you for your comment. We’re sorry that your emails haven’t received a response. Please continue to send your comments through the portal and you should receive a response within 48 to 72 hours. We have held a series of public workshops to get input from the community and we are planning on holding more. Please check this website for future workshop dates. We have also met with the Little Italy Merchants Association and we will do so again. We want to have an open, interactive, and transparent study process so we need to hear from you about the issues that we should address.


      We chose to test a set of short-term improvements on 20 pilot blockfaces that had both high parking occupancy and a high incidence of parking violations. We intend to make regulatory changes on these blocks, monitor their effectiveness, and then determine what works well before making a comprehensive set of changes throughout the neighborhood.


      Unfortunately, DOT does not issue parking, honking or noise violations. We work very closely with the Police Department and the Department of Environmental Protection, the agencies that handle these violations. Please call 311 if you have specific locations with the worst honking and double parking. They will be able to contact the appropriate agency.


  2. Lora Tenenbaum:


    I understand from CB2 that there is a public workshop this thursday, 11 January. I do not see it on your website. Kindly send me the link.

    Jennifer, 我從第二社區委員會了解到本周四(1月11)會有一個公眾研討會,但我在你們的網站上沒有看到。請你把鏈接傳給我。

  3. Lora Tenenbaum:

    Correction to email above. The date I was given was Wednesday, January 11, at the CPLDC Office at 60 St. James Place, 5:30 -7 pm. And, by the way, LIMA is not a resident organization, but a merchant’s association. Often their interests and those of the residents clash. Have you reached out to the SoHo Alliance at all? At least 10 of the square blocks in your study are within that community group’s area. What about Friends of Petrosino Park, which is also in the area.


    • Jennifer, NYCDOT:

      Lora, thank you for the comment. Our project team has spoken with the Soho Alliance about the study, its boundaries, and why these areas were included. We included portions of both Soho and Tribeca in our study area to capture all of the Chinatown area plus the adjoining streets that comprise the neighborhood’s traffic network. All twenty of the pilot blockfaces are within the Chinatown area and we intend to make changes on these streets first, evaluate their impact, and fine-tune the study as necessary. Before we make changes on any other block, we will consult with the community.

      We are using a number of different methods to reach our goal of an open, inclusive study process. During the past few months, we have been meeting in small groups with representatives from different civic and neighborhood groups to play an innovative game aimed at developing solutions to transportation issues in the neighborhood. We have relied on the civic groups to develop the invitation list for these workshops with the hope that these would be smaller affairs—we want a lively discussion about potential solutions. We want as much participation, from as many people as possible, in this study, which is why we are holding an additional Community Workshop and why we have launched this portal at the beginning of the study—this portal is a great opportunity to hear directly from the community.



  4. John Casalinuovo:

    as a long term resident of little italy for over 100 years thats right over 100 (132) who thinks this up – our children need the money not some bloated city agency that has no idea about our neighborhood – stop wasting our money fix what has to be fixed first not this waste of my money – get a life – john

    作為一名在小義大利居住了超過100年以上的居民(對,我說的沒錯,是超過100年(132年)),我在想,我們的孩子需要的是資金,而不是那些對我們社區一無所知、人浮於事的市府機構。不要浪費我們的錢來修這改那了,其實,最需要馬上修正的是停止浪費我的錢。做點有益的事情吧 --John

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