About this Study|關於此項研究

Study Background 研究背景

Chinatown’s cultural and historical heritage provides a vivid retail and dining experience for both residents and for visitors. The experience creates an environment for a considerable amount of cars and people.


With Chinatown’s limited street space, it becomes a challenging concern for the daily parking needs of several users including residents, tourists, delivery vehicles, agency vehicles, buses, and commuter vans.


The concerns for parking were heard from the community and funds of $745,125 were provided by Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez for improvements in Chinatown’s parking. Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA), Asian American Federation (AAF) and DOT have developed a study plan to address parking conditions through community outreach and coordination

對於停車的關注來自於社區,並且國會議員Nydia Velazquez提供了745,125美元的資金來改善唐人街的停車狀況。中華公所(CCBA),亞美聯盟(AAF )和交通部制定了一個研究方案,通過社區宣傳和協調來改善停車環境。

Through CCBA and AAF, DOT will be working with Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE). AAFE will be the study team’s Community Liaison. They will:

  • Assist  DOT with local knowledge, expertise and relationships
  • Provide input into the public involvement process
  • Provide translation services and media relations

通過中華公所(CCBA)和亞美聯盟(AAF ),交通部將與亞洲人平等會(AAFE)合作。AAFE將成為研究團隊裡的社區聯絡者。他們將:

  • 協助交通部門了解當地知識,專長和關係
  • 協助公眾參與過程
  • 提供翻譯服務和媒體聯繫

Also, we will work with a Technical Advisory Committee composed of city/state agencies and a Community Advisory Committee composed of community leaders to conduct community walkthroughs and workshops to hear from all members of the community.  


Upon completion of the study, we will have recommendations on how to improve the operation of the curb for all street users.



Study Area 研究範圍

The study area is bounded by: Delancey/Kenmare Streets and East Broadway to the North, Essex and Montgomery Streets to the East, Madison and Monroe Streets to the South, and Baxter and Lafayette Streets to the West. The study area is within CB1, CB2 and CB3.

研究範圍是:北邊到Delancey/Kenmare街和東百老匯(East Broadway),東邊到益士石街

(Essex) 和蒙哥馬利街(Montgomery),南邊到麥迪臣街(Madison) 和門羅街(Monroe),西邊到巴士達街(Baxter) 和Lafayette街。研究範圍在第1,2和3小區之內(CB1, CB2, CB3)。


Study Goals 研究目標

The overall study goals are to:

  • Create an open, interactive and transparent study process with the community
  • Work with the community (residents, merchants, visitors) to

–      Identify the issues

–      Develop short-term improvements

–      Pick “high impact” blocks to test  improvements

–      Develop parking improvements throughout the study area

  • Produce tangible results through short-term improvements


  • 在社區裡創建一個開放,互動和透明的研究過程
  • 與社區(居民,商人,遊客)合作來
    • 確定問題
    • 制定短期改善計劃
    • 選取“高影響”區域來測試改進計劃
    • 制定整個研究區域的停車改善計劃
  • 通過短期改善計劃產生具體成效

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