Review DOT’s previous studies, presentations and more about bike share in NYC.


  • Citi Bike Station Map Legend (pdf) This legend illustrates the different placement options for Citi Bike stations.
  • Manhattan Citi Bike Station Maps (pdf) These maps show the Citi Bike station locations. New Yorkers picked these sites, submitting their ideas in the tens of thousands on the online suggestion map, in going over neighborhoods in detail in community workshops throughout the service area. DOT will continue to work with New Yorkers to refine these station locations. Detailed site selection and planning work continues for Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights and Crown Heights (Brooklyn community districts 6, 8 and 9), the Upper West and East Sides (Manhattan districts 7 and 8) and Sunnyside (Queens district 2).


  • General Presentation on Bike Share (Chinese) (pdf) Bike Share 介紹:運輸部 正在對第一期服務範圍的社區委員會及其他利害關係人進行紐約市 Bike Share 計畫概覽的介紹。已選定系統經營公司,運輸部 概述了社群參與程序。
  • General Presentation on Bike Share (Spanish) (pdf) El DOT presenta una visión general de los planes para Bike Share en la ciudad de New York ante las Juntas de la Comunidad y otros accionistas en el área de servicio de Phase One. Un operador del sistema ha sido seleccionado y el DOT describió el proceso de participación de la comunidad.
  • General Presentation on Bike Share (English) (pdf) DOT presented an overview of the plans for Bike Share in New York City to Community Boards, elected officials and other interested parties in the service area. A system operator has been selected and DOT described the community outreach and participation process.


  • Bike share opportunities in New York City (pdf) This report analyzes existing bike-share models and current New York City bicyclist demographics and demand to assess the potential for a New York City Bike-Share Program. In addition, an overview of potential funding options and recommendations for program implementation, including suggested program size and phasing, bike-station siting, fees, safety and theft reduction, are also discussed. Department of City Planning, 2009.
  • NYC Bike Share: Designed by New Yorkers (pdf) This report explains the multi-year public planning process used to create the Citi Bike program and determine where the stations would go – including 159 public meetings, the public suggestion website and the community workshop process.