Citi Bike is coming to New York City in May

Before it starts, here are some great things to know.

Citi Bike will start in May: Citi Bike will launch in May 2013 with 5,500 bikes at nearly 300 stations across Manhattan and Brooklyn. It will be the largest bike share system in North America despite damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. Learn more.

Citi Bike is a great deal: Take as many trips as you want for a low price plus overtime-fees beyond the time limit. Get full details on pricing and memberships from Citi Bike.

  • Annual Membership: $95 (first 45 minutes of every trip at no additional charge)
  • 7-Day pass: $25 (first 30 minutes of every trip at no additional charge)
  • 24-Hour pass: $9.95 (first 30 minutes of every trip at no additional charge)

A special $5 one-day membership will be available for the first few weeks after launch.

It’s easy to sign up: You will be able to sign up for an annual membership online on the Citi Bike website.  Citi Bike will send you a membership key and discount coupons for great stuff like a one-day trial pass for your friends and money off the bike helmet of your choice at participating bike shops.  Citi Bike annual memberships will go on sale on the website shortly before the system launches.  Just looking for a day or week pass?  Walk up to any Citi Bike station, swipe your credit card and you’re on your way.

No taxpayer funding:  Bike share in New York City is funded by sponsorship agreements with Citi Bank and MasterCard, and, once the system launches, revenues from users. These fees and revenues will cover the entire equipment and operations cost of the system. NYC Bike Share is not receiving any taxpayer or federal-aid dollars to establish and run the bike share system. In fact, the City expects that Citi Bike will make money which will be split between the City and NYC Bike Share.