Citi Bike is Here!

Citi Bikes lined up

Citi Bike officially launched to annual members on Monday, May 27. As of 5 p.m., members had made more than 6,000 bike trips, and traveled over 13,000 miles – greater than half the Earth’s circumference! Visit Citi Bike’s blog for more stats, facts and tips.

Membership opens to daily and weekly users on June 2.

Whether you’re riding your own bike or a Citi Bike, remember the rules of the road:

  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Stay off the sidewalk
  • Obey traffic lights
  • Ride with traffic


Where You’ll See Bike Share Stations

As CitiBike begins station installation around town, you’ll notice that they’re located in different places:

  1. At the edge of public parks
  2. In pedestrian plazas and privately-owned public spaces
  3. On wide sidewalks
  4. In curbside lanes, medians and other locations along the street

These locations were selected through an extensive public process and each community selected the locations that worked best for their needs. See some sample station locations here.

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