Sunset Park: Safety Results, Future capital projects

Last night, May 20, 2014, NYCDOT presented the safety results based on one year of after data for the Sunset Park section of 4th Ave (15th to 65th Sts) which was implemented in late 2012.

Highlights from the after data include a 29% reduction in pedestrian injuries, a 13% reduction in all crashes, an 8% reduction in crashes with injuries, and a 38% reduction in the percentage of drivers traveling above the speed limit. Despite the lane reduction from 3 to 2 lanes in each direction, peak volumes have slightly increased in both AM and PM peak directions in most locations, and travel times have remained about the same. Pedestrian volumes have also increased throughout the corridor. There have been no fatalities in the Sunset Park section since the project was completed.


Seeing the crash reduction and that the new design is functioning well, NYCDOT described future plans for a multi-phase capital project to widen the medians to their recently widened outlines, for all blocks from Atlantic Avenue to 65th St. The first phase is planned for 33rd to 47th St. The second planned phase is 8th to 18th St. NYCDOT is in the process of applying for funding for these projects. The design of the widened medians will be determined once the funds are raised and the project is sent to the DDC and MTA for surveying and review.


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