Park Slope: Give us your ideas!

What needs improving in Park Slope along 4th Avenue?

We want to hear from you! DOT has developed a new interactive tool that allows users to view 4th Avenue and submit comments and suggestions online.

Click on the “Give Us Feedback” link on the side menu and explore the intersections of 4th Avenue with Google Street View. Zoom in to a concern you have, and then click “Add a Comment” to leave a comment about it.

You can also click the comments to see what others are saying.

This feature will be available until mid-March so post now!


16 Responses to Park Slope: Give us your ideas!

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  2. Scott says:

    More retail – rezone to make it easier to get a more pleasant retail experience. Lose the repair shops and taxi stands. 4th Ave will never be more than a thoroughfare unless you make it a destination.

  3. Carla says:

    We need more TREES and PLANTS on 4th Avenue!
    Then, let’s get retail stores in there — specifically, we really need a drug store!

  4. Elliot says:

    When I moved next to 4th avenue 7 years ago, I realized that 4th Avenue can be transformed into something similar to Park Ave in Manhattan and even better. Currently it is highly congested and unpleasant avenue to walk on, especially during rush hour. But if smart planning is applied, I believe it can be transformed into a very livable and pleasant wide avenue that many people will enjoy. My suggestions are these:
    1. Plant trees in the middle of the avenue on the islands
    2. Create bike lanes that will be separated by the small islands from the main traffic (similar to Prospect Park West)
    3. Either move parking lane out to create space for the bike lanes (this will leave only 2 traffic lanes in each direction) or do not allow cars to park on the 4th avenue altogether (this will leave 3 traffic lanes in each direction)
    4. Make sidewalks wider, I believe by reducing the number of lanes and introducing the bike lane, there will be still be some room for wider sidewalks where more trees can be planted creating a green tunnel (trees in the middle and trees on both sides of the 4th Ave)

    I believe these proposals will a) increase the property value of the 4th avenue for development and b) introduce better foot traffic thus stimulating more retail opportunities and commerce. Thank you.

  5. ejc says:

    Please do something about the abandoned KFC at 4th and Warren. It’s a total eyesore and there is so much garbage in the area because this place is abandoned. One time people started using a broken tv as a trash can and it sat there for months. First and foremost, 4th Avenue needs to get cleared of trash more regularly.

  6. Christian says:

    Bringing more retail to 4th Avenue will only work if the area itself is also more pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists. Wider medians planted with trees and gardens, and more trees and planters on the sidewalks on either side (a lot more), as well as racks for locking bikes, would be ideal. Certainly bike lanes and more frequent bus service along 4th would help as well, though clearly there might be resistance to this idea from motorists. Options for parking off of 4th but nearby would also be great, and would encourage walkers and shoppers. Currently, 4th Ave feels like a huge barrier between Park Slope and the growing Gowanus area, and it would be great if improvements could be made to make these neighborhoods feel more contiguous.

  7. ChrisC says:

    Please no bike lanes – there are bike lanes on 5th and 3rd Avenues – do we need two-way protected bike lanes on EVERY avenue now?

  8. Tom B. says:

    Please have trash collected more regularly. Also get the auto body shops to stop parking cars on sidewalk, as well as wrecked cars in the streets for weeks.

  9. Alex Ferrigno says:

    NO BIKE LANES. I grew up in Park Slope, I bike all over NYC, I drive here, and I walk here. What these people fail to realize is that 4th avenue IS a thoroughfare and NOT a destination, are you kidding me? Unfotunately people, NYC needs roads like 4th avenue for traffic. Ever since 3rd avenue became a bottleneck traffic nightmare, 4th avenue is the only thing left to get around quicker than 5th, 6th or 7th avenue can provide.

    Plant more trees, make it look nicer. But get it through your head that 4th avenue is a necessary, utilitarian, avenue, not another tourist destination.

  10. Chris says:

    Stop the flooding! Whatever it takes, make sure that 4th Avenue has proper drainage, especially around Carroll, President and Union Streets.
    Then, add trees and wider medians for pedestrians. I have to agree with others, 4th Avenue should not be for bikers. No bike lanes, but make it safer for pedestrians who are already on dangerous ground crossing that wide avenue with a tiny median in the middle.