65th Street transition proposal presented to CB10

DOT presented a proposal to ease the northbound traffic bottleneck that occurs on 4th Avenue approaching the 65th Street intersection on Monday night, September 10th, at CB10. Drivers waiting to make left turns on to 65th St (to access the Gowanus Expressway on-ramp) and under the Expressway (to go northbound on 3rd Avenue) are currently in the way of the majority (79%) of the intersection’s northbound morning commuters, who go straight across 65th St, continuing toward downtown on 4th Ave. When the left lane is blocked with left turners, there is not enough capacity for through traffic in the right lane. According to DOT counts, two northbound through lanes would be necessary to carry existing northbound through traffic.

The DOT proposal would mark the existing defacto left turn lane, create new pedestrian refuge space in the south crosswalk, and remove 8 alternate side parking spaces on the east curb of 4th Avenue between the B9 bus stop and the 65th St intersection (next to an MTA lot, on a curb with no buildings). Removing the parking spaces would create a second northbound through lane, which would double the intersection’s northbound through capacity. The proposed design would better organize the traffic at the intersection, add pedestrian space the south crosswalk across 4th Avenue, and ease northbound morning commuter congestion.

DOT is working with CB10 to schedule a workshop to gather community feedback on the Bay Ridge section of 4th Ave (65th St to Shore Rd) on an evening in mid-November. The 65th St intersection proposal was presented in advance of the Bay Ridge workshop in order to improve northbound traffic flow into the new Sunset Park 4th Ave design across 65th St, which is currently in implementation.

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